Casper loves meat!

Casper loves meat!

So long ago, Casper asked for a T-shirt celebrating his insane love of meat. We had an assignment to make up a collection of fabric patterns using Adobe Illustrator. Using Casper’s meat love as an inspiration, I made up a mood board.


Meat vs Veggies-01
I have no idea where all the images come from, I should keep better track of these things.

I was going for a cute aesthetic, but my lack of drawing skills in Illustrator or on paper really hold me back, nonetheless I like the results. As soon as school finishes I am going on a daily drawing regime; it will be a fun morning ritual with the kids.



My collection of fabric swatches.

I ordered swatches for the whole lot from Spoon flower; usually I just order the fabric, but I find it difficult to get the scale right moving from screen to fabric. Besides I don’t have time to sew right now anyway.

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