Scirocco Dress

Scirocco Dress

I recently purchased a pattern making book, I should say, a new pattern making book since I have several. I keep thinking a new book will solve all my sewing problems. Of course, if you never try making the patterns…that’s why I’m going to school, dedicated learning time.


Adeline was fascinated with the book, and requested a 3-tired skirt that she found. Somewhere in the back recesses of my mind I remembered that I purchased a set of patterns, containing the Scirocco Dress by Figgy’s Patterns.


Adeline loves the dress, she does not love the excessive sunscreening that goes along with it, but hey, being fashionable comes at a cost. She’s always telling her friends,”Did you notice my dress has 3 skirts? Did you notice my dress has a hole in the back? Did you know my mom made my dress?” I want to tell them, “I made it to match her taste, not mine”. But I don’t, because I love that she has such a strong opinion. And when she styles it with her lace up hightops that drive me crazy as we’re leaving the house, once we’re out of the house, I have to admire her style. What’s the point of making something I love, to have it sit in the drawer?


And it’s fun to go out of my comfort zone. I used my hemmer foot for the first time ever, which worked really well, except when I had to go over an eyelet.

The Details
Scirocco – Figgy’s Patterns Size 6-7
Fabric Cotton Eyelet