Banana Sweet

Banana Sweet

7 months ago I pledged to make another version of this dress for Adeline. Considering this dress has been complete for at least 2 months, we’re talking record breaking completion time for me.


This dress is, amazingly, a favorite of both Adeline and I. It’s been worn so many times over the summer. The combination lightweight jersey, purchased eons ago from Girl Charlee, and long sleeves is perfect for fair Adeline, who declares daily, “Sunscreeen is my enemy!”.


I made size 116, with sleeve length of 110, then added 3/8″ length to the bodice, and 1″ length to the hem.


Lucky us, having photo shoots in Croatia. The top 2 photos are in Zagreb, and the bottom is in Vir.

The Details
Pattern Ottobre 4/2014 Pattern 26 Size 116…sort of
Fabric Type Lightweight Jersey
Content Unknown
Stretch Factor 50%

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