A dress 5 years in the making.

A dress 5 years in the making.

I bought this fabric 5 years ago, made the dress around 4 years ago, planned to remake the dress 3 years ago, pledged to remake the dress on the blog 1.5 years ago, and finally remade the dress. Hurray!

P450-IMG_9071I’ve been plowing through a bunch of nearly done projects lately; perhaps it’s due to the Magic of all the Tidying I’ve done. Or perhaps, because I am slated to start Fashion Design at VCC in the fall, starting new projects doesn’t make sense.

P450-IMG_9075I used the skirt from the original dress, and the bodice is the T-shirt pattern that came with the Sewing with Knits Craftsy course. I made a size medium.

P450-IMG_9078The dress isn’t perfect, one of the pockets is a bit wonky, but I’ve already worn it twice, which is a lot for a dress. If I get sick of it, I’ll make it into a dress for Adeline.


My mom hated the original dress, and I defended it adamantly, until I saw it in pictures. I’ll see what she thinks of the new version. Do you have any projects waiting to be remade?

Kid’s Clothes Week

Kid’s Clothes Week


Last week was Kid’s Clothes Week, and as usual I made some pajamas. To celebrate, finally, refurbishing my  ugly mustard dress I used up the rest of the fabric. The non-childish print is very sweet on her, making me wish I’d sewn her a dress instead.


Casper got a pair of underwear, which he would not let me photograph on him, but they are also adorable.


The Details
Tank Top Ottobre 01-2013-22 Size 116
Adeline’s underwear Jalie 2568 Size H
Casper’s Underwear Ottobre 01-2013-16 Size 104
Fabric Type Jersey
Stretch Factor 75%

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Tight underwear is like a smile…

Tight underwear is like a smile…

…it lifts your cheeks.

My latest batch of underwear is the cutest, but sadly, a bit tight. Because I, with my 6 years of sewing experience, completely disregarded the 70% stretch requirement of Jalie 2568. Underwear is small, can 50% stretch really be so different than 70%? Yes, the difference is slightly uncomfortably tight underwear.

I’m not getting discouraged. I happen to have a degree in mathematics, and I am using my impressive math skills to expand the Jalie pattern to accommodate 50% stretch fabrics. Wish me luck. Has anybody else successfully converted a pattern in this way?

Also, check out my Instagram feed @plaid_thursdays, though currently it doesn’t have much sewing, just vacation and decluttering pics.

Even slower than the last shirt

Even slower than the last shirt


The binding I originally used for this shirt was too heavy for the lightweight jersey, and this poor shirt has been sitting in my sewing pile for around 2 years. My reluctance to make the change was due to the clinginess of the tee. Even though it was the same size and has the same 50% stretch factor as all my other tees, this one was just too clingy to be flattering. After the fit issues of my last shirt, I tried it on again, and I guess boot camp is paying off, because I love the fit of it now.

I added the roller skate using a stencil from Stencil 201, and Pebeo Setacolor Opaque paints. This is the first time I’ve used the paints with a stencil, and the results are not as sharp as using freezer paper, but it was quick and easy.


I’m feeling pretty satisfied with this completion. I’m feeling inspired to tackle more UFOs.


Is there a slow clothes movement?

Is there a slow clothes movement?


Reasons why this shirt didn’t make it to my wardrobe:

  • the neckline is saggy
  • topstitching is imperfect
  • the colour wasn’t right for spring

At some point I added the heat transfer vinyl heart. See the original heart here, and yes, it took me 1.5 years to finally make it for myself.


And after a few more months of sitting around, I took these pictures, and realized I kind of like it. I really love the pattern – as evidenced here, here, and here – even with the neckline fit issues. I removed 1/4″ at the neckline at each seam, but now I’m wondering if I need a smaller size. Unfortunately I have lost the pattern sheet for this issue, but I’m sure it will turn up once I commit to the magical art of tidying. Until then, I’ll just wear this one.

The Details
Pattern Burdastyle 2/2013 Pattern 126 Size 42
Fabric Type Rayon Jersey
Stretch Factor 50%


What are you eating under there?

What are you eating under there?


Sewing underwear is super fun; the small investment of time and fabric is liberating. It’s like sewing for kids, but they’re for me.


Not that it’s been all perfection. Instead of picot elastic I used fold-over elastic, and I forgot to trim the 3/8″ seam allowance, leaving these all a bit wide in the crotch. But it has given me a chance to work out some kinks using my new raw finish 2-fold binding attachment for my Janome Coverpro.


These are all Jalie 2568, with a few minor tweaks. Unfortunately, none of these match the fit of my original pair, but they are wearable and cute. Perhaps the next round will be perfect.

Only slightly boring black shorts.

Only slightly boring black shorts.

There was a need for all black shorts. Not wanting to make the most boring pair of shorts in the history of boring shorts, I used this Ottobre pattern which has lots of cute details. Of course, black is really hard to photograph, but in real life they remind me of tuxedo pants.

Ottobre 03/2013 Pattern 10

There were a few bumps along the way. See how nicely that back pocket is sewn on? Too bad it’s through both back pieces.

It’s looks even better after the second go.


The shorts are slightly large on him – he’s due for a growth spurt anyway. This pattern was fun to sew and I’m already imagining better ways to use all the details. I kind of love welt pockets, but I always go back and watch Sew Better, Sew Faster before I do them.

The Details
Pattern Ottobre 03-2013-10 Size 122
Fabric Type Interlock Knit
Stretch Factor 25%