In search of a better T-shirt pattern.

In search of a better T-shirt pattern.

I’ve been using the same T-shirt pattern (an amalgamation of a few patterns) for several years. Anytime I venture to try a new pattern, I pull out my old standard for comparison. Lately the fit is not as perfect as it used to be, and thus I am holding auditions for a new favourite. This is the Meg McElwee T-shirt pattern from the Craftsy course Sewing with Knits, the same as I used for this mustard dress, and while the fit is great for the dress, I prefer a looser fit through the waist. I made a medium with 2″ extra length added.


This is another Stencil 201 stencil. I was going for a Lemonade/Coral/Aubergine gradient using my new Tulip Colorshot paint. The gradient didn’t work out, but I like the paint a lot. It’s not stiff like other Tulip paints I’ve used.

P450-IMG_8880I had considered this whole project of a fail, yet I keep wearing it. It’s super comfortable (100% stretch) and surprisingly, I really like the colour. Unfortunately it’s already pilling, so the rest of this material is earmarked for underwear. What’s your favorite T-shirt pattern?


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