The Start of a Quest

The Start of a Quest

I made some brown pants. They are brown sweatpants, a lot like Casper’s brown pants in that they are made from the same material, and they are sweat pants. I’ve made a few other projects from the same material, it’s a seemingly endless supply. They are comfy, and they look alright…until I show you this…

The waist is huge. The fit is great everywhere else, I have no idea why the waist is so large. I added about 4 inches in total to the length to accommodate my height, and 2 of those inches are between the crotch and the waist. I know it’s not the most flattering, but I like the comfort of pants at my real waist.

I really like the fit of the legs and the fake fly, but the pockets are too small, or too high. I’m never sure where to put the pockets once I do my height adjustment. I’ve considered wearing them as is, but I’d like to make another pair and want to have a better idea of what to change. Everybody needs some quality time with their seam ripper, right?

The Details
Pattern Burda 03-2014-112 Size 42
Fabric Type Double knit
Content Unknown
Stretch Factor 50%

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