Who knew astroturf photographed so well?

Who knew astroturf photographed so well?


Casper needed some shorts and I have a crazy need to make the kids matching clothes, so they both got a pair of turquoise shorts. I often make and buy shorts that have patterns which can yield some crazy combinations when Casper chooses his own outfits. This turquoise is an attempt to be neutral, albeit a failed attempt.


The shorts took much more time to complete than I had anticipated, so I was a bit annoyed with myself because Adeline’s would only be seen under her dresses. To my surprise, Adeline is wearing them regularly, with T-shirts even.

P450-IMG_1957If I had it to do again, I’d make each of them 1 size smaller and I’d make that back pocket square. I made a cardboard template to help make the little round pocket and still both attempts were less than perfect. Mind you looking at the pictures now, I may have been too hard on myself. Check out my full review at Pattern Review.


The Details
Pattern Ottobre 03-2014-12 Size 116/122
Fabric Type Double-knit
Stretch Factor 50%

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