I see London, I see France…

I see London, I see France…

Like many others, I recently read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. For weeks following, I considered gathering all my clothing to weed out any pieces that don’t spark joy. I don’t actually have a lot of clothing, but still, I really struggled because I don’t own any joyful underwear. After much pondering, I had the revelation that I could go without underwear. Great, problem solved…until I realized I don’t own any pants I truly love. Since then, I have given up on “Kon-Mari”ing my life, but I have been re-thinking about my sewing.

For my kids, I sew smarter. They need shorts, I make them shorts. They need hats, I make them hats. For myself, I don’t know what the fuck I have been sewing. There is nothing I’ve sewn for myself that I actually wear, except T-shirts. And now, I can add underwear to the list.

Lekala Panties – Sewing Pattern #5256

This pair does not spark joy. I wear them, they are super comfortable, but I cringe a little every time I pull them out of my drawer. A little too eighties for me.

Kitchy Koo Barrie Boy Cut Briefs

I have mixed feelings about this pair. They are made without elastic, and they are perfectly functional, but somehow I don’t feel supported. I had no idea that my butt needed support, but it does.

So Zo…What do you know? free underwear pattern.

This pair was just not right for my butt. I probably needed a size larger, but even so, they were so far up my butt, I decided a larger size would not solve the problem.

Jalie 2568

And finally some underwear that spark joy! They are super comfortable and fit really nicely. I wish I was brave enough to model these because they make my butt look good. I first noticed right after boot camp one day, and thought it was due to all the squats and leg lifts. Sadly the butt perkiness is only noticeable in this Jalie pair. I like to think its a combination of underwear and leg lifts. And bonus, they come with kid sizes. Adeline’s butt is perfectly adorable in her pair. Matching mother-daughter underwear isn’t weird, right?



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