Not worth the wait.

Not worth the wait.

I have a bit of a fabric buying problem. Luckily living in our tiny Vancouver apartment has stopped the influx of fabrics, and now I am slowly working through my huge stash. I’ve had this fabric panel for years, I look at it periodically, imagine cute kid tees and dresses, but I’ve had this fear about cutting into it.

P450-IMG_8637Six years of mulling it over, and it has finally been transformed into a shirt.


I was unsure of the mismatched sleeves, but they’ve grown on me. And I needn’t have worried about using the fabric because it’s super crappy. Every time I wash it, it stretches out a bit more. The print hides the flaws pretty well, so I’m sure I will continue to wear it, but Adeline’s dress is put on hold. She probably wouldn’t have worn it anyway. P450-IMG_1797

Here’s the shirt in action, down my mom’s driveway on my childhood sled. Whenever I want to feel better about my fabric accumulations, I visit my mom, whose fabric stash makes mine seem moderate.

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