All black

All black

It is Kids Clothes Week ; I signed up and then immediately regretted it realizing it’s a crazy busy week. I have participated twice, and each time I try to get too much done. These were already cut out and needed to be completed; perfect starting point.


The kids are in a Musical Theatre class every Saturday, where the required dress code is black and yellow, so finally I had incentive to use this flocked heat transfer material which has been sitting in a drawer for eons. And yes, in case you are wondering, that is a tiny monster eating a strawberry, a drawing I found on the back of one of Casper’s spelling tests, soon to become a family logo, since his dad and I both want shirts with the same picture. Adeline picked out her unicorn, but was disappointed it didn’t receive as much attention from her classmates, and has since submitted drawings of her own to turn into T-shirts.


I was featured on the KCW blog! May 2016

Update–Check out Day 5 where Casper’s shirt was featured. So excited to be next placed next to so many beautiful projects!

I really love the fit of this T-shirt; I have made a few raglan Ottobre T-shirts, and this is one my favorites. Incidentally, pants are the same pattern as these pants.

The Details
Pattern Ottobre 03-2010-12 Cacao Bean Size 122
Fabric Type Jersey
Stretch Factor 50%


Adeline’s shirt is supposed to have a square neckline, but it’s a bit saggy. My fabric may have been too drapey.

The Details
Pattern Ottobre 03-2012-31 Size 116
Fabric Type Jersey
Stretch Factor 75%


The leggings have a very cute detail at the cuff. 116 is her usual size and is even sometimes large on her, but these are too low in the waist and a bit tight. They’ll do for now, but I will make another in size 122 soonest.

The Details
Pattern Ottobre 04-2012-15 Size 116
Fabric Type Interlock Knit
Stretch Factor 25%

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