Is the love of pink contagious?

Is the love of pink contagious?


I made this hoodie as a muslin and as I was sewing I kept thinking it was awful. Once the hood and zipper were added, I warmed up to it a bit. I spent a lot of care making everything as perfect as possible, since my last hoodie attempt looked a bit too homemade. Yes, I am trying to mimic one of the most ubiquitous RTW garments out there and yes, something feels wrong about this. Since I’m sewing, I should be making wonderfully unique garments. Although, I guess you could say, I’m striving for a hoodie that is well fitted to me, and that will be unique.

450IMG_7927For first attempt, this is a pretty good one. The fit is not bad, and the style is okay too. The pink was way too overwhelmingly pink for me at first, but I thought it would be fine for at home or working out. And then something shifted – the weather got springier, my hair grew long enough to fit into a bun (somehow a ballerina bun makes me suit the pink better),and this baby French terry is the lightweight and soft- and suddenly I’m wearing this daily.

450IMG_7930For my next attempt I want to add a drawstring to the hood, get rid of seam down the back, change the hem to a waistband, and move the pocket holes closer to the zipper. To get my hands into the pockets as they are placed now, I have to do a slight chicken dance.

The Details
Pattern Ottobre 5/2011 Pattern 6 Size 42
Fabric Type Baby French Terry
Content 97% Cotton 3% Lycra
Stretch Factor 50%

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