The fruit of Kid’s Clothes Week

The fruit of Kid’s Clothes Week

Kid’s clothes week has come and gone. I had planned to sew up several sets of matching PJs for the kids who are in dire need…well Casper is in dire need of new PJs and I have a compulsive need to dress my kids in matching sets. At least I don’t make them wear matching outfits outside of the house – not very often anyway. Regardless, the plan for several sets resulted with only one completed.

450IMG_7991How adorable are these two? Adeline insisted on the floor-length nightdress and I conceded against my preferences. The kid sure knows what she likes, and I have to admit the dress is very sweet on her.

450IMG_8013Once Adeline and I agreed on the fabric, I asked Casper if he would like PJs from the cupid fabric too. He whole-heartedly agreed, only to be disappointed when he learned it was not the reindeer Cupid. His disappointment was short lived and he loves the new PJs, he is easily pleased. I decided to stray from my go to long john pattern (see them here), and I am pretty pleased with this Ottobre pattern. The differences are subtle, but it’s nice to change it up.


kid's clothes week

The Details
Casper’s Top Ottobre 1/2013 Pattern 20 Size 116
Casper’s long johns Ottobre 6/2013 Pattern 36 Size 116
Adeline’s nightie Ottobre 6/2015 Pattern 31 Size 116
Fabric Type Cotton Thermal
Stretch Factor 50%

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