The pinkest pink tunic ever.

The pinkest pink tunic ever.

I bought this fabric online a few years ago (from Girl Charlee – no longer available). I love the seemingly random pattern of flowers, but the pink is overwhelmingly pink. Pinker than it looks in the pictures. Of course, Adeline saw it and wanted it. She chose the fabric, she chose the pattern. I may have to let her choose everything from now on for she took it out of the dirty laundry to wear it again today. It’s not even a dress – though she doesn’t know that. I called it a tunic today, and she corrected me.
Adeline-according to her-is made of hot lava and sheds her jackets/sweaters the minute she starts moving. This sweatshirt fleece is quite heavy, so now for a change I’m worrying about her overheating.


This picture better shows the colour.

The tunic is pretty cute, and very quick to sew up. The hardest part was lining up the pocket flowers. My zipper application was not the best. I blame my move to Vancouver. I store all my interfacing, zippers and most of my thread in an old steamer trunk to which I have misplaced the key. My mother-in-law gave me a few zippers, but interfacing would likely have helped.

Even the blurry picture does not hide the wavy zipper application.

Adeline loves the dress so much, I’ll have to consider bright pink more often.  Thanks for stopping by.

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