Alphabet Dress

Alphabet Dress

It’s been a surprisingly long while since I sewed anything for the kids (aside from a brown dress I cannot persuade Adeline to put on). Adeline has been working very hard on learning her letters and writing her name, so an alphabet dress seemed fitting. Adeline did – in some places over did –  the painting, which I have learned is a good way to get her to wear something I have made.

Another ploy to meet her approval…using the letters from her name. She has worn it twice already.


Adeline chose the Ottobre pattern. I’m not a fan of the 3/4 length sleeves.


I used lingerie elastic for the trim and managed to sew it in perfectly.
I love the pocket and my twill tape tag. I’m less in love with my misaligned seams.

Perhaps I’m out of practice, because something is bothering me about the dress. I’m not sure if it’s the boring pink, the fit of the dress, or the print size and/or placement. Nonetheless, I’m glad she’s willing to put it on.

The Details
Pattern Ottobre 4/2013 pattern 14 Size 104
Fabric Type  Medium Weight Jersey
Content 100% Cotton
Stretch Factor 50%
Notions Lingerie Elastic  150% Stretch Factor

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