Sewing again – at last.

Sewing again – at last.

Thanks to Halloween, I have finally plugged in the machines. Casper decided to be Captain Underpants. I made a simple top and pants. I also made him a little cap to make him look bald, but he didn’t wear it. He looked cuter without it. It was so fun to be back in Vancouver. Last year, in Madison, we were the only trick-or-treaters on our street. This year we were among hundreds of other kids. And hurray for fireworks! Halloween is the perfect time for fireworks.

450IMG_0547 450IMG_0557

I measured Casper, maybe for the first time ever. He’s exactly 116cm tall, but his hip measurement is closer to size 104, his back waist measurement is size 122, and his shoulder width is size 92 (I probably screwed that up). I’ve always found sewing for kids easier because I don’t need to make pattern adjustments. I suppose that time has passed.

The shirt was Ottobre 6/2015 – pattern 15. I made size 122 and it was huge. I took it in around 1.5″ on each side at the waist. The pants were Ottobre 1/2013 – pattern 26, without the pockets. I hope to make him a real pair of these pants soon.

I’m pretty happy about getting back to sewing. Our apartment is a lot smaller than the house we had in Madison, but I’ve found space for most of my supplies.

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