Oh July, are you done already?

Oh July, are you done already?

I can’t believe it’s August already. I haven’t had too much sewing time, as we’ve been spending our days at amusement parks, waterslides, and swimming pools. I’ve lived in Wisconsin for 4 years, and only discovered the Dells (waterpark capital of the world). I knew it existed before, just hadn’t experienced it. The rest of our time has been spent packing, because we are finally moving back to Vancouver, my hometown. Yay, Canada!

Flowers and butterflies, Adeline is a fan.

I did finish this simple top. And it was simple, but I’m stepping out of my comfort zone working with silk. I was slightly short on fabric so I omitted the back seam. I also finished the neckline with bias strips instead of a facing. Probably a mistake, the neckline looks a bit tortured. After skimming the seam allowances down to 1/4″ to fit the pattern on, I ended up taking out 3/4″ of the side seams. I had lots of troubles sewing straight, so there were weird puckers every so often.


In the end it turned out okay. The armholes are a bit tight. Maybe someday I’ll fix it. I have enough bias to redo one arm hole, so I’d have to piece together some very small bits of fabric if I wanted to fix both.


Now I’m just waiting for the weather to cool off. I think this would look better with jeans.

The Details
Pattern Burdastyle 7/2015 Pattern 113
Size 42
Fabric Silk (I think)

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