April Burda Challenge complete!

April Burda Challenge complete!


These pants are finally complete! They weren’t that difficult, but I stumbled a few places along the way. They are very high waisted, designed to be 2″ above the waist. I added 2″ below the waist and 2″ in the leg to accommodate my tall stature, and these landed 2″ above my waist. Having the pants so high didn’t feel comfortable, and I removed the 2″ above the waist. Fruitless, right? Adding and subtracting, but the fit is nice, so maybe not.


Shortening the waist meant cutting the invisible zipper, and even though I secured the top with some stitches, the zipper pull came off and refused to go back on. I removed the zipper and tried a non-invisible zipper, but it looked terrible. After a trip to the store, I finally redid the invisible zipper and completed the pants.


They are still so high, and a bit too short. I did omit the leg zips and made the bottoms a bit wider. If I make another pair I might add the zips.

The Details
Pattern Burdastyle 4/2015 Pattern 129
Size 42
Fabric Chambray cotton
Notions Invisible zipper

Hurray! April Burda challenge complete! Since it’s July now, I’ll just move on to July. Thanks for stopping by.

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