My Burda Challenge from March.

My Burda Challenge from March.

Sure, it’s May now. Expect my April Burda challenges sometime in June. This is the top that went wrong every step of the way. It was so bad I scrapped it and started over (see the result here). I botched the height adjustment on this when I added 1.25″ in length above the chest, and then I botched a whole mess of other things. Once I removed the binding, yet again, I took it in to sewing class, where my teacher helped with the fitting.
In the end, I like the fit. Yellow is not my go to colour, but I only have a handful of wovens in my stash to choose from. This fabric is lighter weight than the gingham, and works better.

The gingham has 25% stretch, while this one has none, so I am surprised that this one is more forgiving over my curves/bulges. The pattern called for lightweight blouse fabric with some body, that gingham just has too much body.


And I was pretty surprised to see that they are opposite. I really should mark the front and back when I’m cutting.

The Details
Pattern Burdastyle 3/2006 Pattern 116 Top
Size 42
Fabric I’m not sure. Lightweight cotton?
Notions Zipper

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