Fleece hoodie

Fleece hoodie

I love knits; wearing and sewing them. While my knit sewing skills are pretty good, I am always looking for new information, which led me to Sewing with Knits  by Meg McElwee on Craftsy. I decided to watch the fleece hoodie section even thought I knew I didn’t want one. I wear hoodies most days, but I really like to have a zipper. Meg’s teal version was lovely and I couldn’t resist making one.


This hung in my closet for a week before I finally made myself wear it. It’s nice enough; I guess. It’s just not me. Picking up Adeline she yelled, “Why are you wearing that?”


I have no idea why this doesn’t work for me. I often wear pink, but maybe this is the wrong pink? I am going to try adding a front zipper, and sleeve and waistbands.

The Details
Course  Sewing with Knits with Meg McElwee on Craftsy
Pattern  Fleece Hoodie
Size  Medium
Fabric Medium weight French Terry

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