How many identical shirts can a person have?

How many identical shirts can a person have?

So, I love this pattern. The neckline is not perfect, but after sewing 3 of the I’m pretty sure it’s the pattern and not me. I’ve made 3 of these so far (including my sister’s), and the fit is different on all 3. I’ve loved this fabric, in my stash, for many years. I always have a hard time cutting fabric I love. I finally found a pattern I love enough to use it on. I am surprised how tight it is. It has the same stretch factor as the black I used here. And that version is loose. Both have some lycra (according to snapping it into my ear and listening for a rubberband sound), both have a 75% stretch factor and good recovery. This fabric may be wool; it has a different feel than anything I’ve used before. 600_4244

The only modification I made is to use a self-fabric ribbing for the neckline instead of whatever method Burda suggested. And I shortened it by an inch or so.


I may have stretched the ribbing too much when I sewed this in. Even so, while this looks tight it gapes a bit when I lean forward. For my sisters version I took in the neckline 1/4″ at each front raglan seam, and that one lies nicely. I didn’t adjust this one because when I tried it on I didn’t think it needed it. I’m going to redo the ribbing and take in the front seams. And I will make that adjustment if I happen to sew this pattern again. I’m considering using it as the top of my mustard dress.


Do you like to sew the same pattern over and over? How many gathered sleeve tees are too many? How long does a fabric sit in your stash before you use it?

The Details
Pattern Burdastyle 2/2013 Pattern 126 Size 42
Fabric Type  Jersey
Stretch Factor 75%

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