April sewing plans

April sewing plans

March sewing is complete! Even Adeline’s shorts, unfortunately she has refused to even try them on. I haven’t done too much coaxing, since the days have been kind of cloudy for good pictures. The shorts were a bit harder than I expected, but I’m psyched to use more zippers.

Burdastyle 04/2013/140 and 04/2015/121

Burdastyle 04/2013 Pattern 140 Boy’s Trousers: Casper needs some new pants. I also think these would be adorable as a pair of shorts.

Burdastyle 04/2015 Pattern 121 Dress: This is the at the bottom of my sewing list. I really want to make a pair of pants for myself, but I haven’t picked a pattern yet.

Ottobre 1/2012 Pattern 27 Odakato: Like I said, Casper needs some pants. These are cute sweatpants.

The kids need some mittens and some sunhats. Adeline needs some undershirts. I have a couple of T-shirts cut out ready to be sewn, and I still need some sleeping tanks.

Plus there are a few things I’d really like to remake, or fix the fit. I was really drawn to a jumpsuit in the new April Burdstyle. But I have a jumpsuit I have made and never wear because it’s saggy. I was originally going to cut the pants for sweatpants, but when I looked at the pictures I really like it, so I will try to tweak the fit.

Jumpsuit Mustard-Dress

The mustard dress is one I made around 5 years ago, and I have worn it with pride, but if my mom sees it on me she tells me it’s awful. I didn’t quite believe her until I saw photos of it. I have picked an extremely flattering picture of the dress. I really love this fabric and I have some extra, so I’ll try to make a new bodice. Hopefully it’s not the colour that make this dress so terrible.

Well, that’s it for me. If you have some suggestions for how to improve these, I’d love to hear it. Scrap them completely? Do you have any projects that started out crap, but were saved in the end?

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