Sleeping Beauty vs Super Hero

Sleeping Beauty vs Super Hero

Princess Power!
Super Hero or Princess, you decide!

Adeline loves Sleeping Beauty…well any princess really, but Sleeping Beauty is a favorite. I had a hard time getting enthused about this dress. It started with some crappy polyester double knit from Joann’s, and pretty much stalled there. Plus I had no idea what to do with her pointy collar and petal skirt.

Image from
Image from

Since asking me for her dress daily wasn’t working, Adeline finally brought the pink and pink and pink (it was white before I washed it with the other pinks) fabrics upstairs, plunked it on the table and said, “Make my dress!”. She then sat there patiently while I cobbled together a pattern using a T-shirt pattern and an old dress.

Kind of a space age sleeping beauty.

The dress came together quickly and she wore it the next day, where she presented it for Show and Share at school. She then wore it again the following day, and has been asking for the dress everyday since. My feelings are mixed. I’m glad she’s wearing something I made, but it’s something I don’t love.


How do IĀ incorporate my daughters love of princess and pink into a design I also love? How do I say no to a 3 year old who is now asking for a Snow White, a Tiana, and a Rapunzel dress? This dress doesn’t really look too much like Aurora’s dress. Can I trick her into thinking any dress is a princess dress?

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