A shirt for Simon

A shirt for Simon

Now I have officially sewn clothing for my entire family. I’m feeling pretty good about this first shirt attempt for Simon.


It’s less fitted than I would like, but better fitted than a lot of his store bought shirts, so I’m calling this a success. I’ll take the man and the shirt to sewing class to see how the fit can be improved on his next one.


Instead of reading the Burda directions I followed Pam Howard’s Craftsy course. She is not quite as efficient in delivering information as Janet Pray, but the course was informative and pleasant to watch. She has a very calming manner. She includes a lot of hand sewn details, which I did for this shirt, but I would skip for my next. My favorite part of this shirt is the pocket, sewn perfectly following Pam’s instructions.


Thanks for stopping by.

The Details
Course  The Classic Tailored Shirt with Pam Howard
Pattern  Burdastyle 03/2009 Pattern 132
Size  48
Fabric Cotton shirting with a bit of stretch.
Notions Size 18 Gray Pearl Snaps, Interfacing

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