Jean Jackets

Jean Jackets

Last year I made Casper a jean jacket. It was a labor intensive, super difficult project made more frustrating because I started seeing super cheap, ready to wear versions everywhere. But my perseverance paid off, for the jacket turned out great and I got far greater enjoyment watching him wear it than I would have for a store bought version. I loved it so much I made Adeline her own; this time with far less frustration.

The thought that there would be many more of these in the coming years is what led me to the Sew Better, Sew Faster course on Craftsy.

The class includes a jean jacket pattern, so I made one for myself. Mine has been completed for a while, all but the snaps anyway. The weather has been too crummy to wear it anyway.

Yes, Casper and I have matching jackets.

The Craftsy course was awesome. Even if I never make another jean jacket it would be worth it. I don’t remember or choose to follow all her guidelines all the time (there is a certain satisfaction to sewing a seam and immediately pressing it) still my sewing speed has increased dramatically. I look forward to watching the course again when I make Casper his next jacket.


About this jacket…it’s growing on me. I wish it were a bit more fitted and that it had a proper waistband. The shoulders are a bit too boxy as well. But I have worn it once already which is more than I can say for other stuff I’ve made. Casper’s is made from the same linen and his jacket is now soft and lovely, so time may turn this into a favorite.

The Details
Course Sew Better, Sew Faster: Garment Industry Secrets with Janet Pray
Pattern Islander Sewing Systems Jacket Express Pattern
Size Sm (strange sizing on this pattern)
Fabric Medium weight linen
Notions Size 18 Gray Pearl Snaps, Interfacing

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