Line Time is a Fine Time

Line Time is a Fine Time


Glitter paint is awesome! When I bought this Aquamarine Pebeo Glitter Setacolor Paint, it was $5 and I thought the kids might like it. The paint is intended for light fabrics, but it looks even better on the black fabric. The paint color disappears and only the glitter shows. It reminds me of the my youth, when you could go to the Dog’s Ear and get a custom lettered T-shirt. Okay, I asked my husband if he remembered Dog’s Ear, nope. I didn’t imagine it; the Dog’s Ear is still operating, it’s just pretty local to Vancouver. I remember begging my mom for shirts from the Dog’s Ear, whether I got some who knows? I’d love to know what custom letters I was pining for. I’ll have to ask my kids for some T-shirt slogans…I bet they will all be poop related.


The pattern is Ottobre 3/2013 Pattern 9, it’s pretty straight forward. I used my Silhouette Cameo and freezer paper to make the stencil and Casper painted the shirt. He was disappointed that this is going to be auctioned off at a school fundraiser. I’m a bit nervous sewing for someone else; I worry the hem could come out, the paint will fade, the neck ribbing will unravel, or the fabric will pill….the list is endless.

Also up for auction is this plain old regular painted dress. This dress pattern (Ottobre 3/2014 Pattern 15) is super adorable and there’s one for Adeline on my sewing queue.


The skirt uses clear elastic for gathering and I’m not completely satisfied my application. Perhaps I’ll get it right on the next one. All I see when I look at these are the little flaws. Luckily the auction is at a bar where potential buyers will be blinded by bad lighting and alcohol. Here’s hoping they fetch a decent price.


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