What’s on your lunch plate today?

What’s on your lunch plate today?

Casper loves lunch discussion at his school, almost as much as he loves Line Time. I’m not exactly sure what happens at Line Time, but there’s some singing, dancing, and some walking on a line. Every year Casper’s school has an auction to raise funds, and last year I donated 2 hand made shirts.


Casper begged me to buy the Line Time shirt and since it was made from his old wrap style baby carrier that my mom made for him, I obliged. I think we paid $35 for it. It has been one of Casper’s favorites all year long.



It’s been passed on down to Adeline recently, but it’s a rare day she doesn’t wear a dress. I offered to make it into a dress for her, but she said she’ll “rip it in two” if I do. It’s super cute on her, I hope this dress phase passes.


I’m making a T-shirt and a dress for the auction this year, with the same slogans. I wish I had new ideas to use, but my head is elsewhere. We’ll be visiting Disneyland at the time of the auction, so I’m dreaming up how to make a Sleeping Beauty dress for my little princess. Anybody have tips for coaxing little ones into pants once in a while?

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