Burdastyle Bustier Top

Burdastyle Bustier Top


I’m not sure why I chose this project (Burdastyle issue 1/2012 pattern 123), but it turned out okay. Not okay enough to post myself wearing it, but okay. The pattern calls for stretch satin, which not only do I not have, but I have no idea how stretchy stretch satin is. So I made this in a moderately stretchy, moderately heavy, moderately crappy double knit. The pattern calls for a zipper, but I basted up the side to test for fit and realized I didn’t need it. This is size 42, but I took it in 1/2″ in the back. Other than that the fit is really nice. Inside I added a shelf for a bit more support, which was surprisingly easy to do. Unfortunately the length is kind of crappy on me; I thought it might look okay with some high wasted pajama pants, but it doesn’t. Nonetheless I’m counting this as a successful muslin and I hope to make a few more with a longer bodice.

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