More Valentine’s Pajamas

More Valentine’s Pajamas

She’s looking too grown up with these braids.

Out of the last few sets of pajamas I’ve made, this set is my favorite. This is the Ottobre 6/2010 pattern again (used here, here, and here). This time I made a size 110 instead of 104 because I thought the pants were a bit small on the last 2 pairs. I usually remove the front pee hole panel for Adeline’s pants, but I thought maybe my modifications were to blame for the tight fit, so I made the pattern as is. She’s kind of thrilled to have a pee hole like her brother, but was disappointed that there weren’t ruffles on the butt. Somehow I just didn’t think ruffles and pee holes went together.

She really busted out some moves on this shoot.
She really busted out some moves on this shoot.

The shirt is a little big, but the pants fit perfect with just a little growing room. I only made 1 slight modification because I had originally cut this fabric to make a pair of harem pants for her. So I shortened the pant legs and lengthened the cuffs to compensate.

A better shot of the extra long cuffs.
A better shot of the extra long cuffs.
Look at that concentration.

Adeline was super excited to take these pictures, probably because it was showcasing her handiwork. I designed the heart (using the Silhouette software) to match the metallic design of the light pink fabric. My usual go to for stenciling is freezer paper, but I’ve been trying to declutter my house so I decided to use Silhouette brand stencil vinyl that I’ve had for a long time. Knowing I could use the transfer tape changed my design a bit, perhaps for the better, but come on, using transfer tape is kind of a bitch. In the end it’s worth it; the kids love painting and I love how perfect it turns out. And I love this heart so much I’m pretty sure I’ll put it on a T-shirt for myself soon. Who says hearts are just for Valentine’s Day?


5 thoughts on “More Valentine’s Pajamas

  1. Peehole pajama’s, what a great idea. I may need to buy that Ottobre magazine. The boy wants to make himself some pajama’s, I was going to use the jogging bottom pattern I have but leave the pockets out and draft a raglan t shirt, however, I’m severely tempted by this….


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