Cinderella PJs

Cinderella PJs

“I love these new pajamas my mom made me!”
“Shush, Cinderella! Don’t you say one bad word about your new pajamas.”

I really love Disneyland, and have a lot of old Disney shirts that are just waiting to made into cute clothes for my babes. I wish I had taken a picture of the original tank top/shorts sleep set. The pattern is from Ottobre 6/2010 issue (see these pjs for another version). I had to modify the front a bit because the tank top wasn’t large enough to cut the entire front bodice. Cinderella got her own matching set from an American Girl pattern. I had to make some adjustments to account for Cinderella’s tiny waist; she is a Disney princess after all.

On second thought, I'm still considering my feelings about these pjs.
“Mom, how much longer will this take?”
Cinderella may be a princess, but she still needs her nose picked once in a while.
Cinderella’s a princess; she can’t pick her own nose.

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