Burdastyle Project

Burdastyle Project


I love Burdastyle. I have loved them for years and years. When I was working, I justified the expenditure because I enjoyed them solely for their viewing pleasure. Last year I promised myself I would sew more Burdastyle projects. Another broken promise to myself. This year I am not renewing my subscription. Instead I am challenging myself to sew at least 2 projects per month from the corresponding magazines of previous years.

Burdastyle 1/2014 Pattern 122

For January I picked this striped jersey shirt featured on the cover of the 1/2014 issue. I have mostly finished this, but it kind of looks crappy. I’m going to take it to sewing class, maybe my teacher can suggest some ways to improve it.

The second pattern is from issue 1/2012. I need some sleeping tank tops and I thought this might work. This turned out okay, but not exactly as intended. And as we’re already into February, I’m behind on my promise to myself already. Still I’m feeling good about embarking on this project.

Burdastyle 1/2012 Pattern 123

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